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Kilimanjaro Lemosho Glades route



Lemosho (top left on the map)


Route map Kilimanjaro climbs

Click to enlarge map

Length: 7/ 8 days.
Stay: Campsites
Arrival: Arusha-KIA Lodge
Kilimanjaro: Tents


Arrival in Arusha.

You arrive in the evening at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Your English speaking guide or the shuttle service  waits for you at the gate to bring you to your hotel for the first night.


Lemosho Route: unspoiled, not often used and therefore one of our favorites!

Beautiful climb via the Shira Plateau to Uhuru Point, the Roof of Africa. The way to the top of Kilimanjaro can go via the Western Breach route, or via the Kibo South Circuit to reach the summit via the more easy Barafu Route.

This route is one of the few, on which you will be accompanied on the first day by an armed ranger because the forest area around the woods houses buffalo’s, elephants and other larger animals.

The route is quit strenuous and a party who wants to go more easy can better take 8 days for the climb.
If you are  used to walk in the mountains you have a good change reaching the summit.

You don't need to use specialized climbing equipment, only skiing sticks can be useful on the last day of the climb and for the descend.

During the climb you stay in tents. Porters will take your luggage and will help you putting up the tents. You carry your daypack. A Prive cook prepares your meals. Your guide is very experienced and accredited with the Park Warden.

Kilimanjaro tower Kilimanajro gletscher Kilimanjaro gletscher

Description of 7 days climb:


> Day 1:  Arusha – Londorossie Park Gate (2.250m) – Lemosho Glades (2.100m) – Mti Mkubwa   (2.750m). Climbing time: 3 – 4 hours.

From Arusha a sometimes slippery and difficult road with the 4WD takes you to the Londorossi Park Gate (2.250m, 2 hours). From here you go with the 4WD to the Lemosho Glades (2.100m, 11km, 45 minutes). You walk through the woods to the Mti Mkubwa (big tree) campsite, (2.750m, 3 hours).


> Day 2: Mti Mkubwa (2.750m) – Shira Ridge (3.600m) – Shira 1 camp (3.500m). Climbing time: 5 hours.

The trail gradually gets steeper and brings you to the alpine heather zone. After crossing some mountain brooks you pass the Shira Ridge (3.600m) after which you gradually descend to the Shira 1 camp situated near a brook at the  Shira Plateau. (3.500m, 5 hours).

This campsite can be skipped in the tour.


> Day 3/4: Shira 1 camp (3.500m) – Shira 2 camp (3.850m). Climbing time: 1,5 hours.

An easy walk across the plateau leads to the Shira 2 camp in the heather zone (3.850m, 1,5 hour). At this altitude you can make some short walks to get your body acclimatized.


> Dag 5: Shira 2 camp (3.850m) – Lava Tower hut (4.600m) or Arrow Glacier (4.800m). Climbing time: 4 hours or 5,5 hours.

After leaving the alpine heather zone, a stony path leads to the base of the Lava Tower. Here are some good campsites (4.600m, 4 hours).

A party of trained alpinists could go over de steep trail and walk to the edge of the Arrow Glacier were camping is possible, but limited.(4.800m, 5,5 hours).


> Day 6: Lava Tower hut (4.600m) or Arrow Glacier (4.800m) – Crater floor (5.700m) - Uhuru Point (5.985m) – Mkewa hut. Climbing time: 14 hours.

From the Lava Tower or the Arrow Glacier moet er over de steile helling en de rotsige lava over de Western Breach naar de crater floor geklommen worden. Wanneer er, in zeldzame gevallen, sneeuw gevallen is wordt de route ijzig en is het gebruik van een ijspik of skistok noodzakelijk. (5.700m, 6 uur vanaf Lava Tower hut of 4,5 uur vanaf de Arrow Glacier). Het is mogelijk om overal in de krater de tenten op te slaan. Hiervandaan kan in ongeveer 2 uur het Uhuru Point (5.985m) Het Dak van Afrika  worden bereikt. De afdaling gaat via de Mweka Route naar de Mweka hut in 5 uur.

De route vanaf de Lava Tower hut, via Uhuru naar Mweka zal, inclusief rusten en lunch op Barafu, minstens 14 uur duren. Daarom wordt dit deel van de beklimming gestart om uiterlijk 02:00 uur.


> Dag 7: Mweka hut – Mweka Parkgate – Kilimanjaro Airport of een verlenging. Loopduur 3 – 4 uur.

Een 3-4 uur afdaling door schitterende bossen brengt u naar de Mweka Parkgate, waar de 4WD klaarstaat om u verder te brengen. Bij de gate ontvangt u van de Chief Park Warden een bewijs het Dak van Afrika bedwongen te hebben.


Deze tocht kan ook in 8 dagen worden afgelegd met een extra acclimatisatie dag op Shira of een verblijf in de Karanga Valley.

Voor deze tocht zijn er 2 dragers per persoon.


Things to take with you:
-Sleeping bag.
-Click here for a packlist.

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Beach lodge on the east coast or on Zanzibar.

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