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Kilimanjaro Marangu route





Marangu route

(start at yellow flag on map)

Kilimanjaro climbing routes

Click to enlarge image.

Lenght: 6 days.
Stay at: Government huts
Day 1: Arusha - Mandara hut
Day 2: Mandara hut - Horombo hut
Day 3: Horombo hut
Day 4: Horombo hut - Kibo hut
Day 5: Kibo hut - Horombo hut
Day 6: Horombo hut - KIA Airport


Arrival in Arusha.

You arrive in the evening at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Your English speaking guide or the shuttle service  waits for you at the gate to bring you to your hotel for the first night.


MARANGU ROUTE.  Most commonly used route, with a easy climb to the Kibo Hut. The lower sections are rain forest and grass lands. The moon landscape around the Saddle lead to the Kibo Hut; from here steep up to the crater rim. All huts on this route manned and have radio contact with the Marangu Park Headquarters.  

You sleep in government huts.


Although the climbing is technically not difficult, you need to have a good condition to go up the mountain. Climbing experience and climbing gear is not necessary. You will be guided by a special trained guide and (most) of your luggage will be carried by porters while you carry your daypack. Your private cook prepares your meals.


Description of climb:

> Day 1:  Arusha – Marangu gate (1.800m) – Mandara hut (2.720m). Climbing time: 3 – 4 hours.

After breakfast in your hotel, your guide and cook pick you up with a 4x4 jeep to bring you to the Marangu park gate. You are registered and the porters join the group. After going through the gate you have a 3 – 4 hours climb through the rain forest to the Mandara hut for diner and overnight stay.


> Day 2: Mandara hut (2.720m) – Horombo hut (3.720m). Climbing time: 4–5 hours.

After breakfast you follow the trail through the forest and the savannah bush to the Horombo hut for diner and overnight stay.


Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro gletschers Kilimanjaro cone


> Day 3: Horombo hut (3.720m) acclimatization day. Climbing time: 0 hours.

You can use this acclimatization day for relaxation. You can visit the nearby crater to have customize your body to the high altitude, which gives you a bigger change of reaching the summit later.


> Day 4: Horombo hut (3.720m) – Kibo hut (4.703m). Climbing time: 6 – 7 hours.

Today a steep climb over the bare sub-alpine terrain of the saddle between Mawenzi and the Kibo peak. Immediately after arrival you take a rest because the next stage of the climb will start just after midnight.


> Day 5: Kibo hut (4.703m) – Gillman’s point (5.681m) -  

   Uhuru peak (5.895m) - Horombo hut (3.720m).

Very early, around 01:00, you take the zigzag trail to the summit. You will need to stop reguarly to catch your breath in the star lighted sky.

This is the steepest and most difficult part of the climb, a 5 hours climb to Gillman’s Point to see the sunrise behind Mawenzi. After this you follow a 45 minutes trail alongside the craterrim to the highest point on Kilimanjaro: Uhuru peak (5.895m).

You descend to Horombo hut for diner and overnight stay.


> Day 6:  Horombo hut (3.720m) – Marangu gate (2.720m) – Arusha, Kilimanjaro Airport

   or an extension of your stay.

a more simple day descending the mountain to the Marangu gate where transport waits for you to take you further. At the gate you receive a certificate from the Chief Park Warden to proof that you conquered the Roof of Africa.


Al transport in 4wd vehicles.


Things to take with you:
-Sleeping bag.
-Click here for a packlist.

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